Host Virtual Conference

Make the digital world your stage with Venhall’s Conference Hall.

Conference hall is suitable for

Webinars, Talkshows, and Conferences

Press Releases

Product Launches

Venhall’s virtual conference features

Adaptive screen display

Whether you go live or pre-recorded, our stage can handle both. Our conference hall accommodates various video format for an optimal hosting and viewing experience.

Replay and rewatch

There’s no time limit for your content! Let your audiences revisit the content, even after the curtains close. Your video will be available for rewatch on Venhall for the duration of the event.

The perfect solutions for online fairs, virtual trade shows, webinar, and other virtual events

Frequently Asked Question

A virtual exhibition, or online exhibition is an exhibition that is held at a cyberspace venue. Virtual exhibitions, just like physical or offline exhibitions, can host presentations, engage to audience or display selection of items.  

A virtual exhibition platform is a base of technology to hold exhibitions on a cyberspace venue. This means you can visit events, fairs, shows, engage with the exhibitors within just an inch away from your computer and internet connection. 

There are benefits of organizing a virtual events out of necessity. For examples:  

  • Bigger audience. Offline events have capacity limitations – but with virtual events, you can reach many more visitors to your event.  
  • Availability. Visitors will be able to check your show anytime, anywhere. 
  • Health safe. People are now more careful about going to offline events. With online events, people are now worry-free to check in on your show. 
  • Low-cost. Offline events need extra costs like accommodation or transportation. With virtual event, you can cut this budget out. 

Do you know what type of events according to your needs? Our virtual event solutions will gladly help you to organize events accordingly. All you have to do is to contact us and get started.  

You don’t need to download or install any software to use a virtuall hall. We provide a ready to use web-based virtual hall. 
You can organize multi-session online events that feature webinars, talk shows, conferences 
You can have as many participants as possible in your online events. The benefit of using a virtual hall is that you can have unlimited participants in your event. 

Our virtual event platform starts from IDR 80mil with various customizable package you can check on our services or contact our team for more info.