Digital Transformation Virtual Expo 2022 (DTXID): Digitalizing Indonesia

About DTXID 2022


Digital Transformation Virtual Expo 2022 (DTXID 2022) is a virtual event to highlight the importance of digital transformation in Indonesia. DTXID 2022 showcased a series of virtual exhibitions, webinars, and workshops about digitalization in various business sectors using Venhall’s virtual venue. DTXID 2022 was virtually held for three days from Wednesday to Friday, February 2-4, 2022. Hosting over 50 exhibitors, the virtual event was attended by thousands of visitors despite the physical constraint of a lockdown. Venhall allows central and local governments as well as related stakeholders to showcase their initiatives and contribution to digital transformation.


Why Venhall


The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo has given specific directions to improve Indonesian digital infrastructure in strategic sectors. One of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the mandate to support national digital transformation is WANTIKNAS. WANTIKNAS created Digital Transformation Virtual Expo 2022 (DTXID 2022) to showcase the possibilities that digitalization could bring. They decided to use Venhall virtual venue to bring forth the idea of digital transformation to the public eye.


Sneak Peek

Conference Hall

The adaptable conference hall feature enables exhibitors of DTXID 2022 to provide various video content. Video formats such as live or pre-recorded videos allow exhibitors to showcase workshops and webinars with ease.



The exhibition hall gives exhibitors their own personalized virtual booth. Just like a conventional exhibition hall, visitors can explore each booth and interact with the posters and product displays. Visitors could also chat directly with the booth attendants through the chat feature. As a virtual event, DTXID 2022 allows visitors to experience a lifelike event to explore around the exhibition hall.


Lobby Static View

The panoramic view of the virtual lobby was designed to effortlessly guide visitors to halls, webinars, booths, and other features. Digital transformation in a virtual event with Venhall is evident, it is much easier for visitors to navigate their way to exhibitors and scheduled webinars in a virtual expo rather than a conventional one. With the lobby’s information center, assisting visitors to check webinar schedules as well as locate them as easily as a few clicks away.

Perfect for talks, lectures, webinars & more

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