Making Education More Accessible: Education Virtual Expo (Eduvex) 2021

About Education Virtual Expo 2021

Education Virtual Expo (Eduvex) 2021 is a series of talk shows, seminars, and exhibitions on higher education. Eduvex 2021 aimed to make information about higher education more accessible through digital transformation. To do this Eduvex brings education experts and representatives closer to aspiring students through a virtual expo. Using Venhall’s user-friendly platform, the event was held from November 19 to 21. Eduvex 2021 accommodated 13.462 visitors from 10 countries, 30 exhibitors, and 15 guest speakers, and is the biggest higher education exhibition in Indonesia.

Why Venhall

Higher education is an important part of life, and taking time to research the available options is necessary. As Covid-19 made physical exhibition impossible, the organizers of Eduvex 2021 want to highlight the transformation of the educational landscape into the digital world. Although limited to an online event, they saw this as an opportunity to make the exhibition bigger, more accessible, and most importantly, virtual. Using Venhall’s light and intuitive interface, participants can join from everywhere using various types of gadgets — without the need to register and install things. This made it easier for the mostly-student participants to join Eduvex.

Sneak Peek



As Eduvex wants to promote digital adaptation in the field of education, using Venhall’s lobby was essential to create a strong first impression to the users. Designed to be intuitive, users could explore Venhall with ease and without risk. This feature helps users to be more confident in using new technology and gives them a better agency in participating. Because of this, visitors are more likely to be involved with the event. With its user-friendly interface, Venhall is an exciting way to show the possibilities of digitalization in the field of education.

Main Stage


The main stage is located in the central part of Venhall, and functions as the center of information. At the main stage, participants could see the schedules for webinars and events. Other than that, they could also rewatch the 16 webinars hosted in Eduvex 2021.

Exhibition Hall

Booth Feature on Eduvex 2021

Eduvex 2021 is Indonesia’s largest fully-virtual higher education fair to date. By bringing together various institutions, Eduvex helped students to find more options for their education. It also helped institutions to show their service excellence better. With Venhall’s interactive booth and built-in communication tools, exhibitors and participants could experience direct and genuine interaction, similar to conventional events.

Thanks to Venhall’s interactive booth, institutions got an easier way to talk with prospective students. By opening a booth in Venhall, they gain wider exposure throughout Indonesia, as physical distance no longer become an issue for participants.

Perfect for talks, lectures, webinars & more

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