Indonesia Virtual Dental Expo (IVDEX) 2021

About Indonesia Virtual Dental Expo 2021

The Indonesia Virtual Dental Expo 2021 was hosted by the PDGI (Persatuan Dokter Gigi Indonesia) to celebrate its 71st anniversary. Held for 3 consecutive days from February 9th to 11th, 2021, the event consisted of 3 webinars and 6 talk shows, with 34 virtual booths from exhibitors consisting of healthcare providers, and industry experts. Attracting dental experts and enthusiasts alike, 3506 visitors came to (virtually) enjoy and breathe life into the event.

Why Venhall

Designed with immersion in mind, Venhall is more than an alternative for live exhibitions – it aims to bring the whole experience to the next level. With no physical restrictions, Venhall lets exhibitors customize their booths to their brand needs with zero waste. Visitors and exhibitors can also interact seamlessly, with a single click to initiate a responsive video call and chat features. By using Venhall, you can always create unforgettable online events and make authentic connections.

Sneak Peek


Vast lobbies giving the full exhibition hall experience without the hassles of crowd control. Navigate the area with a single touch of a button, easily locating booths and exhibitors. Customize with your own posters and banners to liven the area according to your needs.

Conference Hall

Capture the attention of visitors by hosting your presentation in the Conference Hall. Be it webinars, simple video presentation or the like, the Conference Hall will serve to enhance the immersion factor by providing them with a stage-like experience.

Exhibition Hall

Form deep connections with visitors through the comfort of your own home Exhibitors can customize their own booths with posters and product displays aligning with their brand, giving visitors an immersive and interactive virtual booth experience. Videos and media are stored readily available for public viewing without any size or time limitations.

Perfect for talks, lectures, webinars & more

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